Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I've got a funny nose. And I don't care.

See this photo?

It's not a particularly nice one of either of us (Fiance is super, super hot).

Previously, it would never have made it to your computer screen, because of how funny my nose looks.

I've a ski-jump, and my profile is most interesting at the best of times. And as a result, for most of my life, I've been terribly self-conscious about it.

Now, I don't care.

When you're with someone who loves you, and who you love, you stop worrying about stupid things (like nose-profiles) because your love says and does things that make you feel pretty or handsome. And comfortable. And smart. And focused on things that really matter. 

Like being a rad person.

If the person you're with doesn't make you feel absolutely fantastic about the person you are... you should find someone who does.

Your ski-jump-nosed blogger x


  1. Hahha.. I have to say.. I always thought you had a cute nose! I remember in primary school (around Girl Guides time?) actually wishing that my nose was like yours :p Funny how different people's perceptions are :)

    1. You're just adorable Cherie :) Thank you! xx

  2. So glad to hear we're over the nose! Thank you Matt for loving it, no matter how much we all said it, it was just never enough :)